What Can I do to Boost Testosterone Levels?

Activities that Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is so powerful because it boosts the muscles and burns the fats inside the body. It also hosts a lot of benefits such as an increased energy and libido, improved mood, improved quality of life and health. Sadly, a lot of men experience a decline in the testosterone levels especially after hitting the age of thirty. This only put them at such a greater risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, low mineral density, obesity, reduced muscle mass, poor sexual function and reduced physical performance.Activities that Boost Testosterone Levels

Thankfully, there are activities for boosting testosterone levels with the dramatic changes that can be most observed. These activities mainly include the following;

Engage in Multi-Joint Free-Weight Movements

It has been proven that high-intensity weight training can help stimulate and secrete testosterone levels. Nevertheless, there is a need to choose for the best tools and exercises to be able to take advantage of this t-boost. With more muscle mass that is stimulated, the more testosterone levels secreted. In fact, in a previous study conducted, it was found out that squats helped stimulate a greater response to testosterone than leg presses.

Therefore, you must stick with several multi-joint exercises that include bench presses, squats and dead lifts. These are good examples of compound lifts that will help boost your testosterone levels.

Keep the Cardio Moderate

A cardio exercise must be included in the training regimen. This will help control body fat and improve heart health. Nevertheless, it is not suggested to over train your cardio as it could bring a detrimental effect on the muscle mass. This could also somehow potentially destroy the testosterone levels in the body.

In this regard, you may perform a moderate cardio like fast-paced walk and easy jog. You can keep this session to about thirty to forty-five minutes. Bodybuilders usually perform cardio exercise throughout the contest phases. This is especially when they want to shed more fats in the body.

Lower-Body Workout

Engage in a lower-body workout that targets your legs and glutes. However, there must be a dynamic warm-up to be followed first. Engage in a thirty-second period of body weight squats, jumping jacks, jogging and high knees in place. Do each activity twice.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval TrainingActivities that Boost Testosterone Levels

The HIIT will be a good activity to consider that will work all muscles of the body. There is, however, a need to execute a dynamic warm-up session. There is a need to spend thirty seconds for jumping jacks, high knees, bodyweight squats and jogging. In addition, you may execute ten overhead squats or hold dumbbells and barbells. Then, you may now rest for one minute.

Do Some Yoga

Due to the reason that stress is a number one testosterone killer, it is just essential to consider doing yoga exercise. In a study conducted in Russia, it was found out that Yoga decreased cortisol levels by eleven percent and increased testosterone levels by sixteen percent. By engaging in a yoga session, you move your way to slowing down the production of cortisol. And thus, the testosterone can carry out its job.

These are all great Activities that Boost Testosterone Levels! Get started now!

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