Best Lower Body Workout

Get Those Toned and Lean Legs and Amazing Butt with the Best Lower Body Workout Routine

Do you want to get those toned and lean legs and amazing butt? If yes, consider following the best lower body workout routine that does it impressive results for you. In this article, you will know the best way to tone and sculpt your legs including your butt muscles.

The best routine for women will include working the quads, butt muscles, hamstrings and calves from different angles. The purpose of doing so is ensuring muscle balance and development, both functionally and aesthetically. With those who want to lose weight, the best lower body workout routine will be a significant part of the picture.

The routine will include the following exercises;

Best Lower Body Workout


The squeeze is one of the best lower body workouts to consider among women. This basically contracts the glute muscles and squeezes your checks together. When these muscles are engaged completely, the feeling of them contracting upwardly and inwardly is achieved. You must do this as you complete every rep of the exercise. If you will not follow this, you are just cheating yourself and you are not building strength and muscle fast.

Do the Main Events

After you do the squeezing, you now need to do the main events. Among the exercises to consider include; kettle bell swings x thirty seconds, dead lifts x 15 reps, squats x 15 reps, walking lunges x 15 each leg, kettle bell swings x 30 seconds and step ups x 15 each leg.

Lower Body Finishers

When you are done with the main event circuits, you now need to pass through the lower body finisher circuit twice. This will ensure that the booty muscles and the thighs are burnt out the entire day. Doing so helps maximize the lower body workout followed by women. And then, you will exactly feel like you are burnt.

The lower body finishers include doing the following;

  • Cable Hip Extension x Fifteen each leg
  • Glute Bridge x 15 lifts and 30 second static hold

Cardio for the best Workout

For you to obtain that sexy lower body, you need to perfectly balance the cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Remember that even if you execute the best workout for your lower body, still, it will never be enough for your fitness goals. You must never neglect the idea of going through cardio training or strength training. This will only sabotage all your goals over a long term period. You will not be motivated and you will just get frustrated. It is indeed ideal to follow a cardiovascular exercise that complements well with the best lowerCable Hip Extension body workout.

And for you to successfully lose weight, you must do a minimum of one-hundred to one-hundred fifty minutes of cardio every week. You can break this amount into small sessions. If you will walk for one-hundred twenty minutes every week, you may just do 3 forty-minute sessions. Exert a bit of your effort and insert some interval.

The best cardio choice for you to consider in building a lower body muscle while doing a cardio exercise is hill climbing. You may set up the treadmill incline a bit higher while you are in control and you start climbing.

Now, you have learned more about the best lower body workout routine to be able to get those toned and lean legs and amazing butt!

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